Why am I so Negative?

Hi my lovelies, So I'm going to be completely honest and open here. I have been in a bad mood rut. What is this? well, it's where I get in a bad mood and become super negative over the smallest things for days straight. I like to think I'm usually a pretty positive person but … Continue reading Why am I so Negative?


Book Club – March

Hi lovelies, I had an idea recently! I love reading, like A LOT. I thought I love reading and so do so many other people so why don't I start a book club! Well, not a book club in the usual sense but every month post about a book I have read with a detailed … Continue reading Book Club – March

Reality Check

Hi Lovelies, Soooooooooooo....... I FINALLY started uni! I started 2 weeks ago and am now in the full swing of it all. The first week I was taken aback and didn't/couldn't find time to breathe let alone blog haha. If you don't know I'm studying a bachelor of nursing! As much as it has shocked … Continue reading Reality Check

My Photographs Of Dogs

Hi Lovelies, recently I went to Toowoomba and got to hang out with my Uncles beautiful dogs and thought I might share the beautiful dogs with you! hope you enjoyed!! let me know what you think   clare lauren xx Where to find me? instagram- clare_laurenn email- clare-lauren@hotmail.com