My Photographs Of Dogs

Hi Lovelies,

recently I went to Toowoomba and got to hang out with my Uncles beautiful dogs and thought I might share the beautiful dogs with you!








hope you enjoyed!!

let me know what you think


clare lauren xx

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Stripes and denim #ootd

Hi lovelies,

Here is another outfit of the day that I though you all might enjoy! 

Thankyou for all your support and love 

Shirt- top shop 

Denim dress- dotti 

Boots- rubi shoes 

Let me know what you think 

Clare Lauren xx
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Vampy glam 

Hi lovelies,

Today I got bored and decided to play around with some makeup this was the result…

My lip colour – tulle by colour pop

Gold pigment- princess loose colour in champagne gold 
Let me know what you think of my look 

Clare Lauren xx 
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Stripes  #ootd

Hi lovelies,

For a few days I spent some time in the Sunshine Coast and after my lovely friend gave me clothes that no longer fit her I nearly had a whole new wardrobe!!

I decided to show you my outfit of the day.

Cardigan – temt

Top – Kmart (bargain) 

Jeans – jay jays 

Shoes – rubi shoes

This whole outfit is decently affordable and good for a look that’s fashionable and if your on a budget! 

Let me know what you think of the outfit 

Clare Lauren xx 
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My Favourite Fashion Styles

Hi Lovely’s,

recently I have been trying to extended and expand my fashion and change up my style to make it more unique and to what suits my body rather then just what all my friends are wearing I have put some photos of what I wish my style looked like if I had unlimited money hahah.




I don’t remember the exact places I got these pictures but they are from various blogs that I follow. Let me know what your dream style is and what you think of mine 🙂


Clare Lauren xx


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My Trip To Fingal

Hi Lovely’s

My family and I took a nice trip to Fingal for a nice picnic day, I took some photos that I thought you would all like!



Spring is definitely coming! the sun was out and the sky was blue.



this little island was across from where we were sitting and the water looked so blue.PAS_8755PAS_8764

I love this shot as the people are just relaxing and looking at how beautiful this area is I think this is a simple shot but one I really like.PAS_8766PAS_8769PAS_8780PAS_8793PAS_8801

Birds were out enjoying the day.PAS_8807PAS_8804

my brother enjoying the views.


Let me know what you thought!

Clare Lauren


Princess Matte – Lip Review#1

Hi Lovely’s,



So recently I went for a bit of a browse on Shop Miss A as I heard from other bloggers that everything is $1.30!!!!! like what thats so cheap compared to Australia’s shocking prices.

When scrolling through all the products I cam across these matte liquid lipsticks I couldnt not try them. So here is a swatch of the colours and my review!


The first colour is called ‘Queen’


This is the swatch and as you can probably see its quite patchy and this is after a couple of coats. I haven’t actually worn this one out yet but when I’ve used it as a trial it transfers onto things quite easily so it’s still as messy as a normal lipstick.


The second colour is ‘Petal’


This in the bottle look like a light nude pink colour but on my skin and lips its almost orange/ red. I actually like this colour a lot its not one I will wear super often but I will get good use out of it.


This is the colour ‘whisper’


This is a very bright pink which isnt usually me but I want to try different looks with this as I am usually a nude or darker lip type of person. This applies very nicely and not too patchy!


This colour is ‘pink nude’


This is my favourite of these and now in general my favourite lip colour. It compliments pale skin very well last for ages and isn’t patchy AT ALL!! if you are going to buy any definitely buy this one.



This is them all matte and dry!


Final Review:

I would give these lip products a 6/10 as they are quite patchy and you need a few coats to get the full colour and they are very drying. As many negatives as there are I have found a lot of positives, they have good colour pay off, they last a while, smell nice, dry fast and are only $1.32 each! I think they are worth it especially if you cant afford the more popular liquid lipsticks!


Thanks for reading xx

Clare Lauren

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