My Record Collection – Part 1

As some of you may know that for my birthday this year I got a record player. If you want to see what it looks like take a look at my november favourites. I have quite a wide variety of different genres and artists, my parents gave me their old records which I was very thankful for and I also have bought a couple and gotten some as gifts.

I have decided to take pictures of my collection and do a series of different posts of my collection.

so the collection begins ;


1. The Carpenters – Greatest Hits

2. Wilson Phillips – Wilson Phillips

3. The Beatles – Abbey Road

4. Jesus Christ Super Star


1. Romantic Film Themes

2. Donna Summers – She works hard for the money

3. Greatest Hits Of Broadway

4. Elton John – Too Low For Zero


1. Ed Sheeran – Multiply

2. Passenger – Whispers

3. Diana Ross

4. The sound Of Music


1. Village People – Macho Man

2. The Sound Of Music ( yes I have two copies of this).

I have more and will be doing part 2 soon. Let me know what you thought of this post.

Clare xx


A Day In My Life – 13.12.14

On Friday the 13th my friend and I went for an adventure up to Brisbane city, I thought I would share some photos I took ( on both my camera and my phone) and explain to you where I went.

So we started driving up there at around 11 am and got their at about 12 ish. We found a car park and headed to lunch!! We were going to go the Jamie oliver restaurant for lunch but it was too busy and not enough seats for us all. We looked up some other places and found a japanese buffet restaurant called shabu shabu ( This place I highly recommend if you are in Brisbane city as the sushi was so yummy and it was unlimited !!! After lunch we went for a walk around just to see where everything was and to figure out where to look in first. Unfortunately it started raining pretty hard and we had to try to get undercover as quickly as possible. We still walked around but with the help of an umbrella.

We decided to look at Topshop first and tried on a whole variety of clothes. We fell in love with the shoe section and loved all the boots and heels. We didn’t purchase anything from here but enjoyed just looking through everything

image (2)

After looking here we got thirsty so decided to get a drink and sit down for a bit we decided to go the Myer centre food court and have bubble tea!! I have only had bubble tea once before and didn’t really like the bubbles down the bottom of the drink so I decided to get a caramel milky tea. My friend Kiran decided to get passion fruit iced tea

bubble tea

These were so nice and refreshing !! When we walked out of the food court we got a surprise and realised it wasnt raining anymore so we didn’t need to use the umbrella. The next place we decided to check out was forever 21

forever 21

This was the place where I bought my first item of the day and I bought a mens jacket (even though it is summer). The lady who served me even asked me whether I was getting it for my boyfriend haha. I love comfortable jackets and just couldn’t resist this one as it was $48 down to $25 what a bargain!!! I was pretty proud of my self for finding it. This was my first ever time going to forever 21 as it only just opened a couple of months ago in Brisbane.

We looked around at some more random shops and had some laughs and then decided to sit down somewhere for a little bit. we decided that we wanted to go and find a park and sit down and take some photos of the scenery. We didn’t find the park we were looking for but found a grassy area and sat down. As I was taking photos of a clock/bell tower my friend took a photo of me.

me taking photo

We sat here for around an hour and just talked and took pictures. There was barely anyone near this area so it was really quiet and just relaxing after a long day walking.

We were able to get into the Jamie Oliver restaurant for dinner but it was a 2 hour wait so we had to fill our time up by doing something so we did more shopping!!! We had a quick visit in lush and I wanted to buy everything in the store. My friend then told me that there was a really good record shop around the corner so we went there and again I wanted to buy everything. I ended up narrowing down about 10 records to 1 and bought the Beatles Abbey road.

We then went for dinner at Jamie Oliver and the food was delicious it was so worth the 2 hour wait!!

jamie oliver

We then after this headed home and went to bed after a long, tiring but fun and exciting day !!!

underneath are just some random photos I took along the way

Hope you enjoyed (: let me know if you want more of these types of posts

Favourite Christmas Movies

So as christmas is fastly approaching, I have decided to do my first Christmas post

My favourite time of year is definitely christmas time and I love everything that has to do with christmas. One of my favourite thing about christmas is the christmas songs and christmas movies. So i decided to share with you all my favourite christmas movies

1. The grinch that stole christmas

This movie was not one of my favourites until a couple of years ago when I watched this with my brother. This movie is one of my favourites as it reminds me of my brother and how we bond over this movie. ( and also because of Cindy- Lou). This is a great Christmas movie with a great message in it

2. Santa Clause

I am pretty sure everyone has either heard or watched this movie a thousand times!! This has always been one of my favourite not only Christmas movie but one of my all time favourite movies. This movie is a fell good funny movie for families or just to watch by yourself. There are 3 movies in this movie series but the first movie is my favourite !!

3. love actually

This movie is a christmas classic and my favourite christmas movie ever!!!! If you have not seen this movie I advise you to watch it as soon as possible. It is something I watch all year around not just at christmas but at christmas time it is 10 times better. This movie reminds me of my family as we watch it nearly every christmas. This movie is one that I really suggest!

4. Elf

If you have not heard of this movie, you are crazy !! this is definitely early everybody’s favourite. It is such an easy watch that will for sure make laugh. I love this movie and I can relate to buddy the elf so much. As I am very oblivious to the real world and things going on around me.

5. The polar express

Last but not least, the polar express. This is my favourite christmas movie as a kid and still now. my family and I watch it every december and we are such dedicated fans that we even have the book somewhere. This movie is such a beautifully written and animated movie and I don’t think I could ever get sick of watching it.

Whats your favourite christmas movie?

let me know in the comments !!

do you have any blog post ideas that you want to see from me in the month of December?