Mothers day- Outfit Of The Day

Hi everyone,

sorry for not being very active recently I have been very busy with school work and trying to get the best marks I can get for this term. Today is mothers day and if your reading this mum I love you xx But I thought I might do an outfit of the day as I havent done one since I was in Hawaii around christmas time.

Hope you enjoy.


My top is from valleygirl

My jeans are from Jays Jays

My shoes are just cheap knockoff converse from Kmart


My mum as a surprise for me a couple of days ago ordered this beautiful necklace for me if its not clear in the picture it is a bookshelf with a ladder. If you are new to my blog then I should let you know I love reading and doing book reviews on here. My mum got this necklace from etsy.


I am also wearing this ring which is my mums old wedding rings which she has now gotten new ones as this one didnt fit her anymore. Its very fitting for mothers day.

I hope you enjoyed and celebrated a day with all your wonderful mothers xx

Clare x

Where to contact me:

Instagram: Clare_laurenn



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