Style Crush #2

As some of you may know one of my first blog posts was a style crush of October last year. My style crush in October was Lily Collins, she is still one of my favourites but I seem to have a different one every couple of months.

My style crush of the moment is Jen Im also known on youtube as ‘Clothesencounters’ ( ). I think she has such a unique and gorgeous style. I love watching her youtube videos as she has such a good eye for what clothes would go together and sometimes it suprises me the different outfits she puts together. If you are a fashion lover like me you should go check her out.

These are some of my favourite looks of hers,

I Love how her looks are so versatile and she changes up her looks from different types of fashion

This is one of my favourite looks as it is classy yet casual as well

And also is she not just absolutely stunning xx

I hope you enjoyed, let me know who your style crush is.

Let me know what you thought in the comments,

Clare xx

Where to find me:

Instagram- clare_laurenn



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