Favourites so far of 2015

Hello beautiful people,

2015 is going by so fast and I have been losing track of how often I post on my blog. My goal was to post once a week or at max once a fortnight, because of school and study and exams I have noticed my lack in posts so I will be trying to post more frequently.

I have enjoyed many things this year and I thought I would share them with you all!!!


my first beauty favourite would have to be the Naked 3 palette, I have been in love with this palette since the minute I bought it. If you want a more in depth review of this and want to know my thoughts I have actually done a bast blog post on it 🙂 I love this palette because it has all nice neutral natural colours which are my favourites!!!

I mentioned this in a favourites a couple of months ago and it is still on my favourites to this day. I have this Bobbi Brown BB cream in extra light because I am so pale haha. I suggest this to all of you if you want a light foundation look I also use this sometimes as a concealer.


This year I have been loving the whole boho look and the accessories and how to match all the pieces together. I don’t always dress in this type of clothing but when I do I love it and I love how it looks. (I might try and do a look book on my favourite styles of clothing soon).

I have been obsessed with rings this year. I can’t walk out of the house without a ring on or else I feel naked and as if I am missing something. I have been loving rose gold anything recently and it is so easy to find rose gold rings anywhere for pretty cheap so I have been happy!


My favourite tv show for this year has defiantly been One Tree Hill it is my all time FAVOURITE tv show. It is so good and so drama filled I have re-watched it so many times I know what happens in every episode.

(you should all go watch One Tree Hill if you haven’t ever watched it ).

My favourite music of this year has been anything James Bay he is just amazing and all of his songs I love I don’t think that there is one I can think of that I don’t like listening to. Im pretty sure everyone has hear of his song ‘Hold back the river’ but you should look into his other songs as they are amazing and so easy to listen to and all have such good meanings and touch my heart.

These are just a few of my favourites let me know all of yours ,

Clare Lauren xx