My Trip To Sydney

Hi everyone!! Welcome back to my blog

I went on a holiday to Sydney and I had an amazing time with my family. I am going to post an outfit of the week in Sydney later in the week and now this one is just a general summary of my trip J

We started our trip at my auntie’s house and slept there for 2 nights and then headed off to Sydney city. I was so excited to stay in city as I am in LOVE with cities. We stayed at the World Tower on the 66th floor and had an amazing view of the city and it was amazing at night time!! Here are some pictures of our room

room syd

This is the room my brother and I shared and the view was so lovely to go to sleep to and wake up to.


when we first got in the room I was exploring and in my parents room there was a nice reading chair so mum snapped a photo of me in it.


There was a little area at the window, which you were able to sit on, and I loved it as I just sat there looking out for hours!!!


My dad took this amazing picture out of the living room window and I thought you would all enjoy seeing it.

On the first night we went exploring in china town and we loved seeing all the little quirky stores and street arts and here are some photos of me out on the street.


This is a picture of my mum, my brother and I. This is one of my favourite pictures of us ever. I loved the artwork in the background.

me on street

This store was a really cute frozen yogurt place and it had such cute décor

My mum surprised my brother and I by getting us tickets to see Les Miserable and we were so excited. We got told that at the end you might be able to go to the stage door and maybe meet the people who were in the musical. We went there afterwards just incase they did come out and see us and guess what…. We got to meet nearly all of them and have pictures with them and it was amazing getting to meet the people we just saw perform.

les mis


This girl was SO CUTE!!! She played little Eponine and was so cute I had to get a picture with her and she was so lovely as well.


This is my brother and I with Marius and he was so talented and he wasn’t too bad to look at either haha.


This is the girl who played Cosette and she was so nice to us and even favourite and commented on my tweet I sent to her with this photo which was pretty cool.


This is Fantene and she was so lovely and kind and SOOOO talented.

jan val

This is the mega talented Simon Gleeson who played the main part Jean Valjean

old eponine

This is the lovely lady who played grown up Eponine and she was so sweet to us and she was so down to earth and showed so much emotion while performing.


When we were walking to our hotel after Les Mis we saw some street art and this was my favourite.

The last part of this post is going to be just a few pictures that my dad took because I don’t think I have mentioned this before but my dad is an amazing photographer !!! he mainly does it just for fun but recently has been doing weddings which he does amazingly. If you like these photos he took would you be able to comment a compliment to him and I will read them out to him, Thanks xx


This was on our ferry ride back from Taronga zoo.


He took this of my brother and I.


He was wandering off from us and we didn’t know what he was doing but he was taking this beautiful photo.


He took this from our room on the 66th floor.

Thankyou all for taking the time to read this  I hope you all enjoyed

Clare Lauren xx

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