Flower Gardens

Hi Lovely’s,

So last weekend My family and I went to Toowoomba to visit family and they were having some sort of flower festival so we went and visited one of the parks with beautiful flowers so I thought I might share some of the photos I took of the flowers for you all! Sorry if its not the best quality I took these photos on my phone.


These flowers were so nice and really stood out in the gardens I think they had to be my favourites!


As you can probably tell I really liked these flowers hahah



These were beautiful white flowers which I LOVED!!! They were so simple but so elegant I love them


There was a whole section of just different coloured poppies and it was gorgeous!



more poppies


This was a whole arch made out of these beautiful purple flowers and I really liked how they looked!!



like how cool is that????!!!



The shadows looked really cool


Here is my leg hahahah

I hope you enjoyed these flowers just as much as I did x

Clare Lauren xxxx

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My Favourite Music

Hi Lovely People x

Long time no see….. I am superrrrrrr sorry about the delay of posts I have had a bit of a writting slump but I am back and have heaps of ideas for posts for the rest of the year 🙂

So in the past couple of months my music taste has changed ALOT compared to what it used to be. I have been branching out and finding new artists I enjoy so I thought I would share them with you all.

  1. Bastille-

Bastille is a band that I have only just recently gotten back into liking. I used to love them at the beginning of last year but slowly stopped listening to them but this year I have gone back to liking them!


2. The Weekend-

Basically everyone has heard of The Weekend recently as they have released songs that have been number 1 on the charts all over the world. I love their style of music as not many people in the industry have such a unique sound. I have been loving all their songs!


3. Drake –

Drake was never something I would have imagined myself listening but recently I have been getting into his music and really enjoying it.


4. Shawn Mendes-

shawn mendes is one of my favourite artists because he is a great singer and a great songwriter he is the full package.


5. Hillsong 

Hillsong is one of my absolute favourites as I am christian their music expresses my thoughts about God into words and the songs are just great to listen to and get inspired


Thankyou all for reading x

Let me know what your favourite music is!!

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