How I Fall Into The Season

Hi lovely’s,

So as some as you may or may not know I live in Australia so at the moment we are in spring. But I know that a lot of you readers live in places where at the moment it is fall/ autumn. I thought some of you might be interested in how my fashion, hair and beauty change during the seasons to give you all some ideas on how you can change your look up.

In summer I wear quite light, bright and pastel coloured nail polishes. Where in fall I wear quite dark and maroon type of colours. I don’t do much but the colours change quite a lot during the seasons going from light to dark.


In fall my fashion changes heaps as I go from summery dresses to sweaters and scarves. I love to wear sweaters and ripped jeans and some nice combat boots.

from summer to fall my hair styles change as in summer I am trying to keep it off my face so I have it up in ponytails or braids where in fall I like to wear it down. Talking about hair, Madison Reed is an amazing hair company and at the moment they have a hair color quiz that you can take! I think you should all check it out because they are such a lovely company.

Another way I like to fall into the new season is by changing my instagram feed. In summer I love to have bright colours and blue skies. But in fall and winter I like to have darker toned pictures. I love changing up my feed and changing the type of pictures I post. My favourite app to use is VSCO cam as their filters are so nice and make it easy to make my feed look exactly the way I want it.


Let me know how you FALL into the season 😉

Clare Lauren xx


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