Elf Eyebrow Kit – Review

Hi Lovely’s

sorry I haven’t posted in FOREVER!! I have been busy and have been focusing on my music but I am back.

Recently when I went shopping with my mum I was looking for some eyebrow stuff as I wanted to try filling in my eyebrows I saw the elf eyebrow kit and it was something crazy like $5 so I thought may as well give it a shot!

I got it in the lightest colour as I have quite light hair but the colour was still too dark so I have to be very light when applying. I really like that it has the gel and the powder and comes with a double sided eyebrow brush so that saves having to buy the brushes.

The colour is a bit orange on my eyebrows but when the powder is put on top it looks quite normal haha. I think if I could improve one thing I would make the colour variety better as there is just light and dark Im pretty sure.

But other than that I love it and think its such a good steal for the price. It isnt the best eyebrow product in the world but it does the job and I would recommend it to you all.

Clare Lauren xx

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