Loose and Edgy

Hi lovely’s,

If you have visited my page in the last couple of days you probably noticed that I have changed my blog and with that I am going to be changing the aim of my posts as well.

The first post to start my new and improved blog is a fashion post. Recently I have been trying to wear all different things that I have in my cupboard that I don’t usually wear and these pants are definitely in that category. I have never really worn loose fitting jeans as Ive always found skinny jeans to fit my figure better, but I thought I might give them a try.

Attachment-1 (1)

These jeans were my mums that she very kindly passed down to me!

Tip 1. I always like to have the bottom folded

Tip 2. I like to wear a nice comfy T-shirt or a baggy sweater

Tip 3. make the shirt the thing that people look at

Tip 4. wear stylish but comfy shoes

Tip 5. mix and match different things and make it your own


Top- Angus and Julia Stone

Shoes- knock off Birkenstocks

Jeans- stole off my mum

acceseries- lovisa

Attachment-1 (3)Attachment-1 (2)

If you want me to do a tutorial on the makeup i’m wearing here let me know.

Clare Lauren xx

Where to find me?

Instagram- clare_laurenn

email- clare-lauren@hotmail.com


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