Book Review- Everything I never Told You.

Hi, my lovelies,

I thought I would do something different from usual.
I am going to review the book ‘Everything I never told you’ by Celeste Ng



Something about me is that I LOVE reading. I read about 2 books a week and most of that is re-reading books I have already read.

My mum a few months ago brought me a whole heap of books and I was so excited and I got to reading straight away. I read about 6 books in about 3 weeks and loved all of them!
Somehow when I started this book I didn’t enjoy it at all so I left it and completely forgot about it. It caught my eye 2 weeks ago when I was desperate for a new read so I got to reading it.. finally!

I am so glad I made this decision because this book is all kinds of amazing. Yes, the beginning was slow and I didn’t really understand where the story was going but after the second chapter onwards I was having a mix between not wanting to put it down but also wanting to make it last as long as I could. The story is about a girl named Lydia who from the beginning of the book is dead. Her storyline wasn’t the main aspect that I loved reading but hearing about her family and all the secrets that surrounded Lydia and all their pasts were honestly insane.

Her seemingly perfect and normal family had many stories that were buried beneath the surface and when they are revealed it creates one amazing storyline.

I loved this book once I truly got into it and it made me sit in my room staring at the roof for about 15 minutes after I finished haha.

Would I recommend this book?: UM YES. I have actually given this book to my dad to read as he loves murder mysteries and dramas which is this book down to a tee.

Rating out of 10?: I would give this book an 8.5/10 only because the beginning took me a while to get into but other than that I can’t complain.

If you ever have the chance to read this book… PLEASE DO.

Much love,
Clare Lauren xx

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instagram: clare_laurenn


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