Reality Check

Hi Lovelies,

Soooooooooooo……. I FINALLY started uni!

I started 2 weeks ago and am now in the full swing of it all. The first week I was taken aback and didn’t/couldn’t find time to breathe let alone blog haha.

If you don’t know I’m studying a bachelor of nursing! As much as it has shocked me and stressed me out, I am enjoying it.

I found myself in a bit of a rut before I started uni. I didn’t feel as if my life had any purpose as I wasn’t working towards anything. This has definitely changed since starting.


I had a massive reality check as I went from lying around in bed, hanging with friends and reading countless books. To getting up early for my morning classes, working and studying constantly and barely seeing friends. I  haven’t quite figured out how to get work done and have a happy and healthy social life which is something I am working on every day.

I am slowly but surely getting there and this is how!

  1. Set Out Designated Time for Study 

Set out certain times to study and work. Stick to this. Try not to go over the time set out or under. It’s hard fitting work and study around your life but it is a must! Whether its 1-2 hours a day set out where you don’t have anything around you to distract you.


2. Get Out of Your Usual Work Environment

Take your work to the local library, to your favourite cafe or even just outside on your deck or patio. Somewhere that feels different and almost exciting! Getting out of your usual routine ignites productivity. I love getting a coffee (hot chocolate for me) and putting my head down in a pretty location.


3. Make Time for Friends

Look through your diary and find even just an hour or 2 to see a movie, get lunch or just hang out with someone. It’s a time to appreciate your friends while also getting your mind away from uni and all the craziness.




Let me know what you do to get yourself in routine!

Clare Lauren xx



Where to find me?

Instagram: clare_laurenn





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